Kanye West had yet another nasty altercation with the paparazzi in Los Angeles early this morning.

TMZ caught footage of the incident, in which 'Ye went off on a photographer who invaded his personal space, standing outside his home at 4AM.

"Shut the f--- up!" Kanye said to a nosy photographer, who was waiting outside his garage early in the morning. The photographer flung several questions at the rapper about his recent feud with Jimmy Kimmel. "Don't say anything to me, man. Like, stop asking me questions."

Other paps were also present but one in particular was especially persistent in his line of questioning. "Shut the f--- up! It's 4AM, you bloodsucking mosquito," the father of North West yelled, clearly agitated. Before he drove away with Kim Kardashian in the vehicle, he told the paparazzi to get a real job. "You f---in' mosquito, bully. Pick a profession and s--- with some type of respect to it."

This is not West's first incident with the notorious paparazzi. Earlier this week, he cited self-defense as the reason for his tussle with a pap at LAX airport. On July 19, the superstar attacked a photographer, who was reportedly left in crutches.

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