Chance The Rapper's got some big-time dreams in the world of comedy, and it looks like he's confident he'll achieve them.

During a Tuesday night (Sept. 17) appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Chance spoke on his love for comedy and his future desires to become a comedian. He thinks he'll become a very successful one.

"I believe that one day I will be a world-famous comedian," Chance told Kimmel. "So I have jokes in my phone...I'm a comedic guy."

At another point of the interview, Chance reminisced on a day he took the stage for a standup comedy set on a drunken night in a Chicago comedy club.

"I used to spend a little time at this little improv spot called Thunderdome in Chicago," recalled Chance, who recently postponed his The Big Day Tour so he could spend more time with his family. "I like the comedy scene, I like to hang out, and so I went to the club, got wasted and I wouldn't say that my girl encouraged me to go on stage but I would say she let me, she gave up because I was really bent on getting on stage that night and I just felt that it was my time."

When he wasn't speaking on his ambitions to become a star comic, Chance, who unloaded his debut album, The Big Day, earlier this summer, spoke about postponing his tour, his collaborations and Kanye West's faith and more.

“Kanye is so devoted right now," Chance told Kimmel. "He’s very well-versed in the bible, he’s reading a lot. The way that he talks to me now its seems like he’s had [Bible passages] memorized for years," Chance adds.  “To my knowledge a lot of that stuff he learned very recently. He’s talking about what I believe in which is that Jesus is king.”

Check out the full interview below. Chance The Rapper's talk about comedy starts at the 10:24 mark.

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