While the G.O.O.D. Music family are making the rounds with the media to promote 'Cruel Summer,' Kanye West is still maintaining his "no press" policy. But Yeezy recently posted a video on his YouTube channel discussing his multi-talented 'Clique' and their new album.

In the black-and-white clip, Kanye explains the creative process behind the project. "I'm not interested in things unless it hits me in a certain place in my heart or my gut. I get bored really easy," he says. "I'm majorly underwhelmed in general. I'm looking for some form excitement for this music to be our outlet."

Kanye West calls 'Cruel Summer' an album of "empowerment" and feels that it will help listeners handle the pressures of daily life. "Now we are making music to be creative," he explains. "Music that you can listen to on your way to work so you can deal with your boss. Music that you listen to because you're the boss so you can deal with your employees."

"We take it really serious that we make the best product we can, but also we’re light with it too," he continues. "We just wanna have fun and commune and festivalize -- I’m not sure if that’s currently a word but it will be afterwards."

In the end, Kanye believes that the album captures our current times. "This isn’t the beginning of the conversation, this isn’t the end of the conversation. It’s our offering as a collective of a sonic snapshot of what’s happening right now, 2012."