K Camp released the visuals to his tune "FWYB," where he's smack dab in the middle of a photo shoot with beautiful models. The clip was directed by Jakob Owens, who chose to shoot the Atlanta rapper as a fly on the wall, instead of focusing on him solely.

In terms of wardrobe, Kamp went with a high-end designer jacket, dark glasses and his signature skully, while he danced around the room.

Earlier this month, we shared the 27-year-old's collaboration with Snoop Dogg called "Trash Bags," and a little before that he spoke with XXL about his next album.

"I got over 200-300 songs in my iTunes," said Kamp. "I could put an album out right now if I wanted to. It just gotta be the perfect time for that. You can't just drop an album unnecessarily. You gotta build the hype up, and you gotta drop it the right way, so when it's time to drop that s---, the world gonna know."

You can watch the "FWYB" video above.

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