Justin Bieber's had plenty of emotional highs and lows over the past few years as he publicly struggles with maintaining his superstar status — even weeping onstage just earlier this week. And while his fame may elicit both snark and sympathy alike from the media, one thing should never be deemed acceptable: unwanted abuse from overexcited fans.

While leaving a store in Prague, Bieber was making his way back to his car amid a gathering of fans when, suddenly, one grabbed onto his pants and pulled down, exposing his bare butt before he quickly hopped into his car. The incident was captured on TMZ. Cue pandemonium as the fans then excitedly smushed up screaming against his car.

“I’d say the hardest part is just space, and so having security creates space for me, it creates boundaries, it creates a safe place for me," said just recently in a documentary about bodyguards. Guess his bodyguards will be getting a talking to tonight...

Watch the incident above.