United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away on Friday of complications associated with metastatic pancreatic cancer. Local community leaders came out on Saturday to hold a vigil in her honor.

Back in 1993, Justice Ginsburg became the high court's second female justice. She was considered a trailblazer and a champion of women’s rights.

According to Times Union, City Chief Auditor Dorcey Applyrs, County Legislator Carolyn McLaughlin, and Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan all spoke on Saturday night honoring Justice Bader Ginsberg in front of the New York State Court of Appeals building on Eagle Street.

Dorcey Applyrs said she reached out to Mayor Sheehan after she heard the devastating news to see what could be done here in Albany. During the evening she asked for people to shout out one word that they associated with Ms. Bader Ginsberg. Some words that were spoken were notorious, truth, great, compassion, perseverance, woman, brave, strong, powerful, courageous, brilliant, change, leadership.

Legislator McLaughlin said that she admired Ms. Ginsberg‘s beliefs and had keen memories of her work.

Mayor Sheehan had fond recollections of Ms. Ginsberg. She said, “She was named to the Supreme Court during my third year of law school. I didn’t really get to study her jurisprudence in law school but I certainly benefited from her leading way to even have the opportunity to go to law school, had the opportunity to be paid the same as a man doing the same job that I was doing when I got into my career.”

The three city officials paid an awesome tribute to an awesome woman. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg will certainly be hard to replace.

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