What's your favorite condiment you dump on everything? This would be something that you eat on the daily, whether you're having fries, salad, or wings. The website Thriller compiled a list of the number one condiments all around the country.

The site and analyzed over 50,000 reviews to determine which is the "most buzzed-about" condiment in each locale by weighing the ratings and number of reviews left by members in each state.

Here are the results :

1. Hidden Valley Ranch is #1 in Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

2. Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is #1 in Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado.

3. Frank's Red Hot took the top spot in four states: Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina, and Texas.

4. Nutella, also four states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia.

5. Various types of peanut butter came in first in four states: Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.

6. Sriracha took the top spot in three states: California, Nebraska, and Washington.

7. Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce, three states: Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.

8. Yellow mustard is #1 in three states: Delaware, Missouri, and Tennessee.

9. Mayonnaise is the top condiment in Nevada and Wisconsin.

10. And ketchup almost got SHUT OUT. Heinz Ketchup took the top spot in its home state of Pennsylvania, but that's it.

I never eat Nutella, on anything and I don't know anybody that does, so I don't know how reliable this survey is.

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