The pandemonium that was Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 and The Life of Pablo unveiling seemed to spill out into the street on Thursday (Feb. 11), as footage has surfaced of Joey Bada$$ getting into a physical altercation just outside Madison Square Garden in New York.

While spirits within the Garden were high, upon exiting the building toward a parked vehicle, Joey was accosted with screams of "A$AP," likely referring to A$AP Rocky and a case of mistaken identity, which perhaps set the rapper on edge from the jump. In a surprising move, Joey pushes the cameraman in the face. Check it out for yourself at the eight-second mark.

In an act of defense it seems the cameraman felt it appropriate to reach out and touch Joey in the back of the head. From both sides this was, suffice it to say, a horrible idea, as the Brooklyn rapper immediately turned around and unloaded on him. The audio is mostly the crowd "oh-ing," though a police officer can be instructing all to "Back up."

Back in September of 2015, Travis Scott found himself in similar territory, as fans called out to him thinking he was A$AP Rocky while he was outside of another New York City venue. '“Not motherfucking A$AP bitch,” he declared rather aggressively. The encounter led to rumors of beef between Scott and the A$AP Mob, that were eventually dispelled when Rocky and Scott were shown aboard the same flight in January.

Joey was recently included in XXL's compilation of rappers fighting on stage, though his participation is more of a push if anything. Still, the fact remains, know a rapper's name when calling out to them and keep your hands completely to yourself. While violence is never the answer, it's hard to fault Joey here for reacting to what could have been something much more malicious.

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