With less than an hour left before the unveiling of Kanye West's album, The Life of Pablo, and Yeezy Season 3, the rapper/producer is showing off the LP's cover art.

The simplistic piece shows the album's name repeatedly on top of a neon orange background. A family photo is also placed on the bottom left of the Peter De Potter-designed artwork.

Kanye's album covers have been consistently unique; each of his previous three albums have had a wholly different aesthetic from it's predecessor. After 'Ye's first three albums, which kept a mofif of a bear mascot, he moved to simplistic themes like a broken red heart over a white background and a simple piece of red tape with a clear case.

Along with the cover art, 'Ye tweeted some inside information on the process behind his upcoming album.

"Father Stretch My Hands.... I cried writing this.  I love my Dad," he tweeted with a photo of the album cover and the lyrics to the song. It seems to be a personal song as Kanye draws reference to several tragedies in his life including the death of his mom, Donda West, and the car accident that nearly cost him his life.

"Drop some stacks / pops is good / momma pass in hollywood / if you ask / lost my soul / driving fast / off the road / jaw was broke," reads the lyrics of the second track on the highly anticipated album.

It's no secret that Yeezy is a family man, but just in case his fans forgot, he also tweeted "family" earlier today.

Check out 'Ye's tweets below and catch the worldwide live stream of TLOP and Yeezy Season 3 at 4 p.m. EST here.

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