Jennifer Aniston chopped her famous, long and layered, face-framing locks into an angeled bob last November, due to damage.

Aniston has always said that she prefers long hair and whenever she cuts it, she instantly feels regret but promised that she would try and love this 'do. Well, the A-list actress appears to have failed at falling in love with her new'ish coif, since it appears that she quickly sprung into action to lengthen her locks again.

The former 'Friend' was seen with longer, wavy strands on Jan. 31 in Los Angeles. It looks like she got herself extensions.

There is no way Aniston's hair grew that fast between November and now. She's gotta be rocking extensions.

Personally, we love Aniston with her long locks, but her shorter-in-the-back, face-framing bob, which you can see below, was much more chic than this wash-and-go look of last week. Still, she has said that she often has hair cutter's remorse so this is likely a comfort move for her.