The most obvious controversy involving hip-hop at this year's Grammy Awards involves Macklemore sweeping the rap categories --  Kendrick Lamar went home without winning one award. According to Riff Raff, he should've been awarded a golden gramophone too. The Houston rapper expresses this, along with Action Bronson, on the new song 'I Shoulda Won a Grammy.'

Riff Raff, who didn't release his album, 'Neon Icon,' last year and didn't have much Billboard chart success, argues that his exclusion from the Grammys is because the haters can't stand him. Fair enough.

Action Bronson follows up with a decent string of punchlines, which includes a shout out to 'Ghostbusters': "Pull up in a Ghost bust the candy Rick Moranis." Your 2015 Grammy Awards nominee, ladies and gentlemen.

Riff Raff's 'Neon Icon' and Action Bronson's debut album are on their way this year.

Listen to Riff Raff's 'I Shoulda Won a Grammy' Feat. Action Bronson