A 4-year-old boy is moved to tears by the A Great Big World song 'Say Something,' and it is awww-dorable!

Dad Mark Blitch captured a video of son Jackson crying along to the duo's heartbreaking hit with Christina Aguilera as they're riding in a car. Strapped safely in his car seat and wearing great big goggles, the boy is enjoying the moment despite the flood of tears streaming down his little face.

"My four-year old heard the song come on, so I changed it," writes Mark alongside the clip. "But he wanted it back on for some reason. Here is the first moment that he has been 'moved.'"

While no doubt the breakup song's lyrical content might be over the tyke's head, he clearly is tuned in to the emotion of the music -- much like the kids of the PS22 Chorus in New York City, who recently joined A Great Big World for an emotional rendering of the track.

Hey, who doesn't love a good cry now and then? When asked by dad if he's OK, Jackson gives him two thumbs up. We give Jackson and this video the same!

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