Lil Wayne has landed a Florida teacher in hot water. The teacher has been suspended after assigning the rapper's lyrics as homework.

WPTV reports that an eighth grade teacher at the Charter Schools of Boynton Beach distributed uncensored lyrics to Weezy's 2010 song '6 Foot 7 Foot,' which includes explicit language and themes.

"This is crazy. They shouldn't be giving this to kids in school," said concerned parent Vanessa Guzman. The parent claims that the teacher asked students to underline the figurative language in the song.

The teacher has been suspended for three days.

"The lesson was for students to learn to identify literary devices. The teacher had already introduced Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare. Students were having difficulty grasping the concepts of literary devices such as: pun, simile, metaphor, so the teacher used colloquial material. This material did not meet the school's standards and was not approved. The teacher recognizes that it was totally inappropriate for a school assignment," wrote the school's headmaster in an official statement.

Guzman says she appreciates the teacher's way of thinking to interest students in learning, but believes this decision was a bad one.

Some of the lyrics in Wayne's song include "Got the girl twisted cause she open when you twist her / Never met the bitch, but I f--- her like I missed her" and "Married to the money, f--- the world, that's adultery / You full of s---, you close your mouth and let yo' ass talk."