Jay Z rarely does interviews anymore, save for Oprah or Warren Buffett. However, back in the day, he was down for anything. In 1997, 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell (aka "Uncle Luke") interviewed the rapper while two women were actually having sex right next to him. Seriously.

The shocking NSFW interview was shot for 'Luke’s FreakShow.' Uncle Luke asks Hov about his music and upcoming projects while two ladies engage in oral sex just inches away from the two entertainers (the photo above shows that scene from the X-rated video minus the naked women). The usually poised Jigga is distracted, especially when the women are so involved in their sexual activity that they bump into him while he talks to Luke, who casually sips away from a Hennessy bottle.

The clip can be found over on Reddit. Users on the entertainment site took guesses on how this awkward interview went down. "They said something about it being a peep show. They were probably at a strip club and Jay was told he couldn't touch the girls. That would be my guess why his arms are crossed the whole time," assumed one fan. "This video makes me crack up every time i watch it," wrote another.

The Internet wins again.