Janet, Miss. Jackson if you're nasty, who is now Mrs. Wissam Al Mana, resulting in her secret third marriage to the Qatari billionaire early this year, now wants to adopt a baby.

The 47-year-old singer and her new hubby would like to adopt a child from either Jordan or Syria. I mean they need an heir to their oober doober multi-billion dollar combined fortune! (Can I volunteer myself for adoption??)

Janet married Wissam Al Mana in true Janet and Jackson family tradition: in secrecy.  Janet has made a habit of this type of secret marriage, marrying Rene Elizondo (1991-2000) and James DeBarge (1984-1985).

Janet has been rumored to have had a secret child with DeBarge named Omer Bhatti, who would now be in his 20's, possibly seen at Michael Jackson's 2009 funeral. As you recall, during Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation 1814" album she appeared to have gained a lot of weight and was hiding a pregnancy belly behind all those long black jackets she wore in videos like "Escapade.'

I have always been a believer in Janet's baby rumor because given the power and fame of the Jackson family: what can't they hide? Look at Michael for example.  I also consider Jay Z and Beyoncé to be full of mystery and secrets like a modern day Jackson family.

If Janet does decide to adopt, that's great news, but I wish these stars would stop lying to the public about their real secret lives. They chose this life in the limelight so live it!

credit: getty images