Janelle Monae has always been passionate in her commitment to being a light for young women around the world. Now, the superstar is focusing her passion on a new movement she believes will help inspire young people and provide opportunities for them. Monae’s #FemTheFuture uses art, mentorship and education to nurture growth and cultivate opportunities for women. To kick it all off, Janelle held a Fem the Future Brunch, sponsored by Toyota, during Afropunk Weekend in Brooklyn. NY.

“We are here and we are ready to make our collective voices heard,” Monae stated.

Monae describes #FemTheFuture as a movement “led by progressive millennials working together to advance opportunities for women.”

Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, music industry heavyweights Sylvia Rhone and Julie Greenwald, Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding, Wondaland stars Jidenn and Roman Gianarthur were all on-hand for the brunch.

“It went so wonderfully well, we had so many incredible women and men present,” said Monae. “To see them talking and cultivating ideas and inspiring one another without me saying to do that is what Fem the Future is about.”

Fem the Future is about empowerment and opportunity for all women, across the gender spectrum. Monae feels strongly that all young women should be included in receiving the support, encouragement and inspiration they need to create a better future for everyone.

“It’s about inclusion and mentoring and making sure our young girls are equipped to perform at a high level and I also think that speaking up and speaking out against sexism and injustice to women is important.”


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