After a long night following a historic, incredibly polarizing election, the United States has elected Donald J. Trump as its next president.

As shock waved through America, the hip-hop community was no different, with everyone from John Legend and Questlove to Meek Mill, Talib Kweli, Chuck D and YG reacting with shock, disgust and embarrassment.

While Diddy had previously posted that people needed to remain calm, no matter who won, posting, “Keep Calm: No matter who is president, Jesus is king," on Instagram, with David Banner expressing similar sentiments on Twitter, urging people not to "freak out"—people, well, freaked out.

Some people clung to the survival and diligence of black people. Killer Mike reminded people that we'd survived a Reagan presidency and "the 80s" didn't raise any "punks." Others cried. And cried. And wondered what the heck is going to happen over the next four years. Of course, YG was especially distraught, as he's been actively pressing against a Trump presidency with his song, "F--- Donald Trump." Just yesterday he was giving out free "F---- Donald Trump" bagels to Compton voters. He maintained that his "F--- Donald Trump" tour is still on, and will resume in Denver.

At any rate, a new day is upon us. Read some of the responses to Trump's win below.



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