This past Friday J Cole dropped his fifth studio Album, KOD.  Its a 12 track follow up album for his last project " For your Eyes Only".

This Album is a thoughtful mediation on addiction.  He takes us through the different types of addiction from fame, money and drugs.  The album title KOD has 3 meanings; Kids on drugs, King overdosed and Kill our demons.

Each track feeds into the next narcotic odyssey .

If you are a true J Cole fan than you will appreciate this album, if you are not then you may feel differently towards this project

Track #3 Photograph is one of my favorite tracks. Its brings us in the era of social media love. How you can fall in love with someone just off there pictures and not even know them. You allow social media to form the picture.

Track #5 ATM is powerful. The fact that money runs the world it also ruins lives. Everyone needs money to survive there fore it becomes an addiction to live.

Track# 8 Brackets. I like this song a lot. Imagine growing up with nothing but hope and dreams and then one day it all comes to light. It can change people for the better and for the worse.

Check out the album below if you have not listened to it yet.


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