The Hudson Valley is a place where historical events have occurred.

While we may consider these experiences as movements, we can also take a look at other pieces of history that remain unknown.

Some historical sites are marked with markers, others are discovered by history buffs that get a thrill of learning about the past and this beautiful area.

Where Is Tuxedo Park, NY?

Tuxedo Park, NY is a village located in Orange County, NY. Tuxedo Park, NY explained that in 1952, this village was incorporated.

Due to its historical background and significance, Tuxedo Park, NY made it to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. They continued to share that there are around 330 houses located in Tuxedo Park, NY's village along with buildings with apartments.

Their most popular lake is Tuxedo Lake which is also the largest of the others. This lake is also known for being the village's reservoir.

Tuxedo Park, NY shared that the 2019 US Census showed information about their population. At that time, the population in Tuxedo Park, NY was 623.

What Was Tuxedo Park, NY Like In The Past?

Tuxedo Park Estates shared information about Tuxedo Park, NY and its past.

The story of Pierre Lorillard lives on in this Orange County, NY area. He was known for being a millionaire who acquired around 5,000 acres of land. Lorillard hired an architect and engineers in the 1880's to help build a community that would turn the area into a place that had roads, water, homes, a police station, clubhouse and more.

Tuxedo Parks Estates continued to explain that Bruce Price was the architect and E.W. Bowditch was the engineer who assisted Pierre Lorillard.

They shared,

" The 1800 workmen imported from Italy completed the 30 miles of roads, the infrastructure, the mansions called "cottages", police station, club-house, village and stores in 9 months."

Lorillard soon names this area as "Tuxedo Park" which was then known as 

"the capital of the leaders of American wealth and society "

Today, Tuxedo Parks Estates exist but to live there, guests don't have to technically be a millionaire.  They explained that to enter, guests and residents can drive through

"the imposing stone Gates to the magnificent houses nestled around three beautiful lakes."

New York City isn't too far from Tuxedo Park, NY which makes it easy for commuters who want to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this area without being too far from Manhattan.

Is It True? Were Tuxedos Invented In The Hudson Valley?

Canva, Tuxedo Park New York, New York Public Library
Canva, Tuxedo Park New York, New York Public Library

The Tuxedo Club shared that this popular, mens formal wear attire was created by a member of The Tuxedo Club in Tuxedo Park, NY.

Tuxedo Park, NY shared information about the invention of the tuxedo. 

It started with Pierre Lorrillard's family who were known for being healthy.

At an event at the Tuxedo Club, a family member of the Lorrillard's dressed in formal wear that was different. This new look would soon become a style that would take over America.

This Lorillard member designed formalwear that removed the tails from his trailcoat.

Tuxedo Park, NY continued to share that this resident,

"wore the Satin Lapel Dinner Jacket to the First Autumn Ball. He named his tailless black jacket the tuxedo after Tuxedo Park."

Other stories claim that this family member was getting annoyed with the tails of his formal wear and decided to change it. The "unconventional attire" of that time appeared to gain attention from those who attended the events.

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When Were Tuxedos Invented In Tuxedo Park, NY?


This invention took place during the Gilded Age period which is around the 1880's.

Its fascinating that this Orange County, NY village was the place where tuxedos were introduced into the world. Today, we can thank these residents of Tuxedo Park, NY for coming up with a great invention.

Did you know that tuxedos were invented in Tuxedo Park, NY? What inventions do you know about for the Hudson Valley area?

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