Last November, Clement Frame and Art Gallery announced they would be closing their doors for the last time in 2023. After running the business since 1967, Tom and Ray Clement decided it was time to retire.

Clement Frame and Art Gallery

Clement Frame moved into one of Troy's most iconic storefronts in 1998 - the building on the corner of Broadway at Monument Square. The location is a landmark in itself. Clement Frame stood in for "DeWees Brothers Clothiers" in numerous background shots of the HBO series The Gilded Age.


With the news of the store's closing, many have wondered what business will take the place of the gallery, and what it will bring to The Collar City. We now have an answer. During their meeting on Wednesday, January 18th, the Troy Planning Commission okayed Clark House Hospitality's new plans to move one of their existing businesses to the 201 Broadway storefront.

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Clark House's owner, Vic Christopher, already owns property and runs businesses on a fair percentage of that block, including Donna's Italian, Little Peck's Cafe, The Tavern, and Lucas Confectionary. Christopher bought the building Clement Frame is in to complete his row in March 2022.

22nd Street Wine Co in Troy, NY

The Troy Planning Commission has approved a site plan for "Troy Wine Co.," which is currently the 22nd St. Wine Co. Before Christopher and Clark House can move forward, they have to dispute a stop-work order with the city.

Christopher told Albany Business Review that Troy says the building's staircase isn't up to code. This isn't the entrepreneur's first showdown with the city, but he says the issue should be resolvable. He says he's excited to move his "best business" to "the best retail location in the entire city of Troy." No official close date for Clement Frame has been set yet.

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