A giant gas station operator confirmed plans to close 1,000 locations.

Soon, New Yorkers may have to find a new favorite spot for gas.

These days gas is always expensive. I'm sure many yearn for just a few years ago when prices were much cheaper.

(How cheap was gas years ago? Find out at the bottom of this article.)

Increase In Gas Prices Expected With VAT Hike
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How do you pick what gas station to go to? For me, I find the cheapest station near my home that's during my commute to work.

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A cheap station close to home or work is probably what most do. Others have brand loyalty.

Shell Plans To Close 1,000 Locations

Shell Announce Record Profits
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One of the largest gas station chains in New York State confirmed plans to close 1,000 locations.

Shell announced plans to close 500 locations by the end of 2024 and another 500 locations in 2025, the company confirmed in its Energy Transition Strategy 2024 report.

Worldwide Shell operates more than 46,000 Shell-branded retail locations, including 12,500 convenience stores.

Shell Is New York State's 4th Largest Gas Station


With nearly 300 locations across New York State, Shell is the Empire State's fourth biggest gas station, according to Scrape Hero.

If you're curious, Exxon Mobil tops the list in New York, followed by BP and Citgo.

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Shell Plans To Expand Electric Vehicle Charging, More

While announcing the upcoming closures, the company plans to shift its focus to electric vehicle charging, biofuels and integrated power by the year 2030, according to The Street.

Other than shifting its focus, Shell didn't provide a reason for closing 1,000 locations or announce where the closures will take place.

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Do you remember the price of gas when you were born or when you started driving? Find out below:

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Read on to explore the cost of gas over time and rediscover just how much a gallon was when you first started driving.

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