Super Tuesday results are in, but a new poll conducted in New York State is giving some bad news for President Biden and former President Trump.

President Biden and Donald Trump are the overwhelming favorites for the Democratic and Republican nominations.

Biden, Trump Role To Victory On Super Tuesday

Americans Across The Nation Watch First Presidential Debate
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Biden and former President Trump both had huge victories in the Super Tuesday 2024 presidential primary, taking the lion's share of delegates.

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There's no word if former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will end her GOP campaign with her poor showing. Haley won just one state on Tuesday, Vermont.

New Poll In New York State Has Trump Over Biden

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The latest New York Times/Siena College gives former President Trump a slight lead over President Biden among registered voters.

The new poll found that 48 percent of registered voters would vote for Trump over Biden in the likely rematch between the two.

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Around 44 percent of likely voters polled said they would vote for Biden if the 2024 presidential election were held today.

The poll also found that 46 percent think Trump will win while 41 percent believe Biden will win.

Nearly 66% Think America Is On The Wrong Track

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Nearly two-thirds of registered voters think the country is on the wrong track while less than 25 percent believe America is on the right track.

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Other Key Findings

Both candidates had unfavorable ratings. Biden had an unfavorable ranking of 57 percent, Trump was viewed unfavorably by 55 percent.

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Other key findings include:

  • 59% disapprove of Biden's performance as President
  • 53% say Trump committed serious federal crimes, a plurality, 46-41%, predict that Trump will regain the presidency.”

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