A first-in-the-nation new rule hopes to eliminate cancer-causing chemicals from drinking water in New York.

The EPA is imposing its first-ever national limits on "forever chemicals" in drinking water.

EPA Announces First-Ever National Standard to Address PFAS in Drinking Water

Creatas Images
Creatas Images

Early Wednesday morning, the EPA announced today that it will be putting limits on PFAS chemicals. PFAS is often called "forever chemicals" because they can linger in the environment for long periods of time and are nearly impossible to destroy.

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They are linked to a "range of severe health problems, including cancers, liver and heart damage, and developmental impacts in children," according to the White House.

New Drinking Standard To Protect 100 Million Americans

Two types of the chemicals now can’t exceed 4 parts per trillion in public drinking water while three other PFAS chemicals are limited to 10 parts per trillion.

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This "first-ever national legally enforceable drinking water standard for PFAS" will protect around 100 million Americans from PFAS exposure, officials say.

It will also save many lives and help prevent tens of thousands from serious illness, according to the White House.

Where PFAS Is Found

Loudly Open Bags

PFAS are typically found in food packaging. They have been used in industry and consumer products since the 1950s.

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They are often found in fast food wrappers, popcorn bags and pizza boxes.

A. Boris
A. Boris

PFAS are also typically found in non-stick cookware; water-repellent clothing; stain-resistant fabrics and carpets; some cosmetics; some firefighting foams; and products that resist grease, water, and oil.

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