It might be more expensive to purchase alcohol in New York State and harder to find in the near future.

That's if the CDC gets its wish.

Deaths From Drinking Increased In The U.S. During The Pandemic


The new advisement from the CDC comes after the health organization reported that alcohol-related deaths surged during the COVID pandemic.

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Excessive alcohol use was responsible for about 178,000 deaths in the United States each year during the peak of the pandemic, according to the CDC.

This marked a nearly 30 percent increase when compared to 2016-2017.

The CDC reports 488 people died from excessive alcohol each day between 2020–2021.

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"These deaths result from conditions that develop from drinking over long periods of time, as well as from binge drinking – or drinking too much on one occasion," the CDC states.

Potential Reason For Big Spike In Alcohol Deaths During COVID

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Social isolation, stress, and delays in getting medical care could have been a factor. Alcohol carryout and home deliveries were also more available during the peak of the COVID pandemic.

CDC Wants New York State To Make Alcohol Less Accessible


The CDC believes the spike in alcohol-related deaths should give states a valid reason to make alcohol more expensive and harder to find.

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"States and communities can reduce the availability and accessibility of alcohol and increase its price, including regulating the number and concentration of alcohol outlets, limiting days and hours of alcohol sales, and avoiding further privatization of alcohol sales," the CDC said.

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