The Bills Make Me Wanna...Shovel!

Shout-out to the Buffalo Bills and their passionate fanbase known as the Bills Mafia, many of whom showed up at Highmark Stadium over the weekend (and on Monday) to shovel snow as the city gets pounded with the white stuff, and the team gets ready for their playoff game versus the Steelers.

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A shirtless Bills fan takes a break from shoveling to play in the snow at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo  Photo: Twitter/X

There's no denying that the Buffalo Bills and their fans have a unique relationship, but at the same time, the NFL is big business.  If a team can afford to pay one player 18 million dollars a season, I'm sure that "snow removal" is in the budget.

But the same fans that are willing to come out and shovel typically show up 6 hours before the game starts anyway, so, in theory, they'd probably be there already.

Why do they do it?

The team is owned by the Pegula family, and Terry Pegula, also the team's President, is worth 6.8 BILLION dollars.  Maybe he could hire a professional service to help?

This has been a tradition in Buffalo for decades.  Fans not only help shovel snow but they've been known to clean off players' cars as well.  They don't get paid much - sometimes they're offered a free ticket to an upcoming game.  But that hardly matters.

There's an old saying "Why buy the cow when the milk is free?", and if overzealous fans are willing to brave the elements (some shirtless) and help shovel 80,000 tons of snow for $20 and and some memories, who are we to judge?

This dude looks like he's having the time of his life!


Giants and Jets Fans aren't doing this

Could you imagine if the Giants or Jets asked their fanbase to do the same thing? Somehow I don't see Fireman Ed doing this.  Fans might show up with shovels, but only to bury a coach or their least favorite player next to the alleged body of Jimmy Hoffa.


Unpopular Opinion

We asked this question this morning and got hundreds of comments - mainly from Bills fans who seem to appreciate the opportunity to be inside the stadium, make a few bucks, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of a player or two.

What are your thoughts?

Here's the question we asked on our WGNA Facebook page - and most people are totally fine with it.


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