Car Plows Through Crowded Cafe

Incredible video shows the shocking moment when an SUV Jeep plowed through the front window of a restaurant in Upstate New York, narrowly missing multiple patrons who were eating inside.

The terrifying incident took place on Saturday at The Works Cafe in Latham which is inside Newton Plaza, home to more than 35 stores including fashion boutiques, specialty stores, and fine foods.

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The Works Cafe in Latham    Photo: The Works Cafe Facebook

No Injuries Reported, Thankfully

Thankfully, no one appeared to be injured in the crash which was shared by @sienaparking on social media Monday. The video is only a few seconds long, but that's all anyone needs to see to realize how lucky the patrons were to not suffer any injuries.

In the video, a red SUV Jeep appears to be trying to park in front of the cafe, but instead of using the break, the unnamed driver must have put the car in drive providing just enough jolt to smash right through the front window, narrowly missing some people who were eating.

At least 4 or 5 people inside The Works Cafe were eating, but the car missed all of them because they happened to be sitting along a wall, and not in the center of the cafe.  The Works Cafe used to be the old Brueggers Bagel Shop inside Newton Plaza in Latham.

According to News 10 ABC, the driver was said to be parking in front of the cafe when it accelerated and crashed into the front window. The driver believes the car had a mechanical issue.

See the Wild Video Here


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