We are starting to see more snow storms in New York State. To keep the roads clear and safe the New York State Department of Transportation is urging motorists to be careful around snow plows.


"Don't Crowd The Plow"

One of the main things the DOT wants to remind you when you are on the road is "Don't Crowd the Plow". This means that snow plows in New York State only travel about thirty-five miles per hour and you need to give them space.

Tree Lined-up Snowplows Clearing the Highway

According to the NY DOT, it is imperative that motorists give them space because they have wide blind spots, and warn them to not dart around or cut in front of them. Patience and caution are very important when encountering a snow plow.

It Is Not Illegal to Pass a Snow Plow

Even though it is not illegal to pass a snow plow, it is highly discouraged. There are many reasons why you shouldn't/ A snow plow could weigh nearly ten tons. They cannot swerve or stop easily. Plus plowing can create clouds of snow around the truck that can cause limited visibility.

Blizzard road work
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The most important rule is to never follow a snow plow too closely. It's also wise not to attempt to pass one. You are urged to drive a good distance behind and drive in the cleared lane.

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