The word 'celebrity' is defined as a famous person and/or the state of being well known. As New Yorkers we admire and respect folks of all walks of life being from the Empire State. When it comes to celebrities we take even more pride in our attachment to them.

Here are 50 famous celebrities that were born in New York State. Were any of these actors, athletes or musicians born in your town?

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When you think of celebrities and New York State there are certain names that might come to mind. Derek Jeter will forever be an honorary New Yorker but he was born in New Jersey. Artist Andy Warhol is another celebrity synonymous with Manhattan but was born in Pittsburgh.

Before you scroll through the famous New Yorkers below consider this, according to Cornell University, approximately 200,000 babies are born in New York State each year. How many of these little ones will go on to be the next Super Bowl Champion or Grammy Award Winning artist?

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Most people know that Billy Joel is from New York City but there are few on this list of 50 Celebrities from New York State that might surprise you. Here's a few but which towns are they from?

  • Michael Jordan
  • Post Malone
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Huey Lewis

50 Celebrities Born In New York State

Famous actors, musicians athletes and more! Here are 50 celebrities that were born in New York State. From Manhattan to Buffalo, Glens Falls to Schenectady and all the small towns and big cities in-between. Are any of these celebs from your town?

Gallery Credit: Karolyi

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