Admit it: we all have days where, try as we might, we're miserable from start to finish.

Of course, most everybody strives to be happy and cheerful during every waking moment of their lives. Some days, however, that is extremely hard to do, and at a certain point, we just have to accept our fate for the day.


The experts at WalletHub took that concept, and applied a numeric value to it, allowing them to measure the happiest, and most miserable, cities in America.

Here's how they did it: they examined each city based on 29 key indicators of happiness, ranging from the depression rate to the income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day.

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Numeric values were assigned for each of those indicators, and from there, a final score, or happiness quotient, was calculated. 182 cities were included in this study, and each was ranked from happiest, to most miserable, based on their final scores.


Out of the four cities from New York included in this study, Buffalo was determined to be the most miserable city in the Empire State. Buffalo ranked 151st out of 182 cities, making it the 32nd-most miserable city in the United States.

By comparison, Yonkers was ranked as the 39th-happiest city, while New York City was ranked 86th, and Rochester was ranked 148th.

According to the study, the happiest city in the nation is Fremont, CA. Conversely, Detroit is considered to be the least-happy city in America.

So, let's get psychiatric for a moment: if you live in a city, how happy are you?

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