Merry Christmas everyone! What joyful news to hear that a Christmas present that is supposed to bring you relaxation has the potential to severely burn you. That is not relaxing at all. Ho! Ho! Ho!

HoMedic Massage Guns Being Recalled For Potential Burn Hazards

You've probably seen those massage guns with the vibrating ball on social media. Many videos have gone viral for how great they are for relaxation and taking care of soar muscles.

Other viral videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube have insinuated that it can be used for more adult-time recreations. Regardless of its use, massage guns have become a popular holiday gift.

As of 2022, the global Massage Guns market was estimated at USD 326.31 million, and it's anticipated to reach USD 552.04 million in 2028, with a CAGR of 9.16% during the forecast years. The massage gun market has been a strong one but could be potentially hurt by this recent recall.

HoMedics is a health and mindfulness company that specializes in self-care products such as air purifiers, filters, humidifiers, scent machines, sound machines, and of course, massagers. The company was founded in Detroit in 1987, and they have established itself as a leader in wellness with home health innovations backed by time-tested science and new technology.

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The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a report on HoMedics' Therapist Select Percussion Personal Massager, stating "The massagers can overheat while charging, posing fire and burn hazards."

Over 87,000 massagers have been recalled after HoMedics received 17 reports of the massagers overheating, including one report of a burn to a consumer's thumb. The CPSC stated,

This recall involves the HoMedics Therapist Select Massagers with model number HHP-715. The product has a 120 VAC, 60 HZ power cord. “HoMedics” is printed on the side of the barrel of the product. The products are black with a handle, housing and massage head attached to the end. The product has four interchangeable massage heads.

Only manufacturing dates through the end of 2022 and prior were included in this recall. The manufacturing date is represented by a date code found on a sticker on the underside of the product’s barrel.

Date codes are a 4-digit number WWYY where WW is the sequential week of the year and YY is the last two digits of the manufacturing year. Only products with a YY of 20, 21 or 22 are subject to this recall.

HoMedics to Issue Refunds for Massage Guns Sold

It is still very possible that you could've given or received a massager within this timeframe this holiday season, or at a prior time.

The Therapist Select Percussion Personal Massager was sold through Macy’s, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Lowe’s, JCPenney, The Home Depot and other stores nationwide and online at,,,, and from September 2020 through November 2023 for about $100.

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Consumers are urged to immediately stop using or charging the recalled massagers and to contact HoMedics for instructions on how to receive either a full refund or a refund in the form of a credit toward any HoMedic product, including a 20% bonus.

This is not the first time HoMedics has had to recall products. In May, 2017, HoMedics recalled over 400,000 models of handheld massagers because of electric shock and burn hazards.

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