As the weather starts to cool down, New Yorkers are tossing out invites to friends to get together and hang out around a warm and cozy bonfire which sounds awesome, except that there's a tiny catch.

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In New York, there are laws about what is and what isn't allowed to be thrown on a bonfire.

The first thing that you need to know is that open burning is illegal in all of New York's cities and suburbs (with a few exceptions). However, open burning is allowed in certain rural areas of New York State as long as residents follow specific guidelines and regulations.

If you're planning on having a bonfire in an area where New York State allows them, there are some items New York says you're absolutely not allowed to throw into your bonfire.


Burning garbage can release toxic chemicals into the air. It is illegal to burn garbage anywhere in New York, even in rural areas, and even in bonfires.


Burning tires releases chemicals and pollutants into the air and is hazardous to both human health and the environment. It's also illegal to burn tires in New York, even in rural areas.

Painted or treated wood

Burning painted or treated wood releases harmful chemicals into the air and is prohibited in all areas of New York State.


Many types of plastic can release toxic chemicals as they burn, and as a result, it's illegal to burn plastics in New York.

Foam products

Foam products such as cups, plates, and packaging materials can release noxious fumes when burned, and therefore, it is illegal to burn these in New York.


Rubber products, including gloves, are also banned from being thrown into bonfires due to the hazardous chemicals they emit when burned.


It is illegal to burn leaves everywhere in New York, even in rural areas where it was once allowed.

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Fines for burning anything deemed illegal to burn by New York State, so before you light anything up, consider that doing so could come with a fine that starts at $375.

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