Love is certainly in the air over the Empire State because newly released data shows how seriously New Yorkers take Valentine's Day.

I <3 New York

Valentine's Day is, bizarrely less than 3 weeks away, which means New Yorkers are gearing up to buy flowers, chocolates and other pleasurable things for their romantic others.

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And spend, New Yorkers shall.

A new study from JeffBet compared all 50 states to determine which are all about the most romantic day of the year.  They analyzed the number of average monthly Google searches for keywords relating to romance, Valentine’s Day, and love. Keywords used include "date ideas," "Date night movies," "Romance getaways near me," "Heart jewelry" and much more.

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The states that yielded the largest monthly search volumes per 100,000 residents for such impassioned terminologies were ranked from greatest to lowest share.

In the end, New Yorkers really showed they have massive hearts and are all about spooling the ones they love. 

That's a Lot of Romance...

Valentine's isle in december
Valentine's merchandise has filled the stores two days before New Year's Eve. (Photo by Bill Keeler / WIBX)

JeffBet found that only one other state was more romantic than ours, but only by a slight margin. Massachusetts had a total monthly search volume of 1,848 romantic keywords per 100,000 people.

New York's search volume came out to 1,809 - which is leagues ahead of third-place finisher New Jersey's number of 1,609.

When gaging what Massachusetts people were looking up, the most popular Google search was "Valentine’s Day," followed by "engagement rings" and then "florists near me."

When it came to New York, the outlet wrote:

The second most romantic state is New York, with an average of 1,809 Google searches per month for every 100,000th citizen. Most notably, this includes 616 searches for ‘Valentine’s Day’, 270 searches for ‘engagement ring’, and 220 searches for ‘florists’.

Sounds like lots of people will be popping the big question come February 14 in the Empire State. Best of luck to them.

Here's the 10 states that topped the list.

No. 1 - Massachusetts
No. 2 - New York
No. 3 - New Jersey
No. 4 - Virginia
No. 5 - North Carolina
No. 6 - Maryland
No. 7  Florida
No. 8 - Georgia
No. 9 - Connecticut
No. 10 - Colorado

After comparing the final rankings, a spokesperson from JeffBet had this to say:

As Valentine’s Day is drawing closer, it is interesting to discover the states that are deemed the most romantic; with each state’s most frequently searched term being the upcoming special day, it’s clear that people are excited to celebrate their love. Not to mention, with there being high Google searches for ‘engagement rings’ in many of the ranking states, perhaps loved ones are preparing to propose in the runup to Valentine’s Day, or even on the day itself.

That said, how do you plan to spend your Valentine's Day?

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