Three small towns in New York State made the list of the 20 richest towns in the entire country... and they're only getting richer.

If you ever dreamed of comfortably living in an opulent neighborhood and being able to enjoy all the finer things in life, you're not alone. Many people have wondered what it would be like to live in a mansion with heated floors, personal chefs and cleaners, fantastic views and all the amenities that make up the quintessential "dream house."


According to a new report by Veranda, there are three neighborhoods in New York State that fit the bill.

List of 20 "Richest Towns" in America

Veranda compiled real estate data from across all 50 states to determine which areas are home to the largest average household incomes and real estate prices.

America's wealthiest town was none other than Atherton in California, with an average household income of $525,324. The median home value in that Silicon Valley area? Try nearly $8 million.

While one would think California neighborhoods took up the lion's share of Veranda's roundup, it turns out the Golden State tied with New York with having the most entries on the list at three each.

Which NY Towns Made the List?

Out of all the Empire State's three entries, only one made the top 10 and actually was crowned the second wealthiest in the whole country.

The local town that was the lowest on the list was Larchmont, which was number 15 in the roundup with an overall average household income of $324,835. The Westchester County village was officially incorporated in 1891, despite having structures that pre-date the town by almost a century.

Alex Potemkin from Getty Images Signature
Alex Potemkin from Getty Images Signature

Its oldest house was built in 1797 and was home to Peter Jay Munro, who is better known as the nephew of John Jay, the U.S. Supreme Court's first chief justice.

If you want to buy a home here, you'll need roughly $1.4 million in the bank, because that's the area's median home value.

Next up on the list was Bronxville, another Westchester County town, with a finish in 13th place The area's average household income stands at $330,421 and it's located just 15 miles from Manhattan. Famous residents include President John F. Kennedy, Ed McMahon, and Elizabeth Custer, the widow of General George Armstrong Custer.

2nd Wealthiest Town in America

Alex Potemkin from Getty Images Signature
Alex Potemkin from Getty Images Signature

The final entry from New York to make the roundup was none other than Scarsdale, which is also in Westchester County. This area boasts a whopping average household income of $452,041.

Famous residents include Judy Garland, Susan Lucci, and Rob Reiner - just to name a few.

That said, those who live in the Hamptons must be positively aghast their extravagant neighborhoods failed to secure a nod on this list. There's always next year...

You can read more about Veranda's richest roundup HERE.

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