New York State is home to several large cities and old, impressive neighborhoods. Is this once prominent neighborhood abandoned?

New York State was once the gateway to the west. The Erie Canal brought millions of people from New York City across the state. Along the way, many new cities were established. Albany, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo all become cities because of their locations along or near the canal. Hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people would settle in these places establishing businesses and growing them all at a fast pace.

The final stop on the Erie Canal Buffalo, New York, in particular, became one of the biggest cities in the world because of it. Over a million people settled in and around the bustling and booming city. Grain trade and steel making made the city the place to be up until the 1960s when steel production fell off. Buffalo was once home to some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, and they all congregated in one place.

Millionaire's Row

A stretch of Delaware Avenue in Buffalo is what is known as Millionaire's Row. Specifically between North Street and Bryant Avenue. Massive mansions line the street that once housed the elite. That changed as the economy in Buffalo took a downturn. Today, the buildings are still there but many have been sectioned off for businesses and apartments.

Millionaire's Row Deserted in This New York City?

But are they all with tenets or empty? TikTok user @ Daveo2real says many of them are empty. He goes as far as entering some to prove it. Now, let's be clear: do not enter buildings you're not invited into. We do not condone this user's actions. That being said, it's interesting what he claims to have found. Check it out:

In reality, most of them have tenants. Many people work remotely now. However, they may need tenants. Still, it's amazing how much has changed since the 1950s for the once-famous Millionaire's Row in Buffalo.

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