We’d never turn down free wings, but we really want to score these ones for one very specific reason. 

Popeyes Wings

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, which has over 200 locations across New York State,  will be introducing their “Wings for Wings” promotion during their first ever Super Bowl commercial. In it, the popular chain will reveal that for two days after the Super Bowl (February 14th and 15th), customers can grab a free 6-piece order of wings with any in-store or app purchase. 

However, there’s a catch. 

 “We are making a bet with Popeyes fans in the U.S. and Canada that if a football team with wings wins it all, then we will give everyone Popeyes NEW chicken Wings to celebrate.” - Jeff Klein, Chief marketing officer of Popeyes 

Originally, this meant that the offer was only eligible if either the Baltimore Ravens or the Philadelphia Eagles win the big game (because birds have wings - get it?). But thankfully, the honchos at Popeyes must have smartened up, because they’ve decided to throw one more team into the mix. 

Free Wings At Popeyes If Buffalo Bills Win The Super Bowl

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 Duh, is there a city more quintessential for wings than Buffalo, New York? We don’t think so! 

Now, along with the Eagles and Ravens, Popeyes will also be giving out free 6-piece chicken wings if the Buffalo Bills get their first Super Bowl title on February 13th. 

Some Buffalo wing “connoisseurs” may turn their nose up at the offer, but hey - free wings are free wings! (And if everything goes our way, we won’t care - because the Bills just won the Super Bowl.) 

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Fingers crossed that we’ll all be chowing down free Popeyes wings after the big game for the best reason.

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