The temperatures outside feel more like July than it does early October.

The temperatures across New York State are roughly 10-15 degrees warmer than they normally are this time of year, which for some people is great news, as they can enjoy summertime activities outside and wear shorts.

For others, they want the fall weather; hoodies, jeans, pumpkin spice, fall foliage and fall events.

For places like Buffalo, we're only three weeks away from the first average snowfall, while the first average accumulating snow is about one month away.

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This winter will be highlighted by El Nino, which causes warmer than usual ocean waters in the Pacific ocean, which can allow more storms and snowfall for places in the northeast. This winter is expected by most to be different than the last few.

AccuWeather's winter forecast was just released and they agree that El Nino will make this winter one to remember. Buffalo is expected to have less now than last year's incredible 133 inches (2022-2023), although the forecast says Buffalo and Western New York will have lake effect snowstorm events early in the season (November and December).

As for New York City and those downstate, nor'easters will have a threat in late January and February, but AccuWeather warns of the very real possibility of a major snowstorm in the month of November, which means we could have our first snowstorm of the season in just a few weeks.

Buffalo is predicted to receive 70-85 inches of snow, with 95 inches being the average. New York City could see upwards of 26 inches of snow this winter, but again, the threat of nor'easters will be the storyline as we head into November and beyond.

As for the immediate future, temperatures will fall into the 50's and 60's this weekend, as the forecast looks far more fall like next week across all of New York State.

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