Looks like XXXTentacion’s beat down by the Migos knocked some sense into him, but that is to be determined.  The Florida rapper recently announced that he plans to host an anti-rape event during this year’s Art Basel in Miami.

Though he gave little detail about the event itself, he announced, "At Art Basel this month, I will be hosting an anti-rape event where basically rape victims can come to this event and tell their stories and help others and support others who have been through a similar instance.”

“I ask that if you come to the event you come bearing no type of negative energy and you make sure you come with the full support in your heart to those that have experienced any sort of post-traumatic experience or event."

This announcement is very close to the rapper’s own domestic violence trial and only a couple months after Pitchfork released documents revealing claims from his ex-girlfriend that he brutally beat her and threatened to rape her. XXXTentacion is scheduled to go on trial Dec. 11, just one day after Art Basel ends.

Do you think XXXtentacion is being genuine or trying to beat his court case?

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