Most of the states have either opened or preparing to enter the 1st phase. So many parents locally and across the country want know if its safe to send their kids to Summer camp if the camps open.

NY officials are still debating whether the state will approve summer camps to open. They are concerned about a growing number of children who are getting sick from not only Covid-19 but also a coronavirus-linked illness.

Parents are looking for a place to send their kids as they head back to work. The question is can this be done safely? How will they social distance the kids, transportation, the serving of food, etc There are so many factors that come into play. Schools were closed for the remainder of the year and for good reason. To keep our kids safe.

In my opinion, its too soon to open summer camps. I definitely wouldn't send my kids to a summer camp right now. When I was a kid, yes we had camps but we also made do with everything around us whether it was a bike, slip slide, skate board, outside sports. Theres so many safe activities for these kids at home.

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