What's your take On The Fabolous vs Emily B situationship. If you missed it last week Fabolous was arrested for assault and terroristic threats. I've heard all kinds of different perspectives. Some people are done with Fab because they don't support domestic abusers. Which you shouldn't but there are others who don't really care.

I think that people should let the courts and Emily B and Fabolous sort out there situation. We don't have enough evidence to really make any kind of decision on what is going on what the two. To really be able to give any insight on this subject, we would have to know what really happened and none of us can do that because we were not there.

People just love minding other people's business. Let Fab and Emily raise their children in peace, I do think that that they both need to call it quits on this relationship because this whole thing has gone way too far. What is your take ?

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