I was just talking about how we need more options in the Capital District for buying in bulk. Right now all we have is Sam’s Club & BJ’s. Word is spreading as a special permit was filed by the company at Crossgates Mall and Crossgates Commons. Who knows what will come of it, but right now the excitement is in the air around town.

I’m a BJ’s shopper myself, but lately, they have gone downhill with their customer service and staff. Last time I was there, I noticed one huge change and that was there were more self checkout lanes than actual staff members on the registers to help me with my groceries. Now folks shop at these places because they need to buy in bulk, which means that a lot of the items are heavy. Are the savings that good that you think I should now carry heavy items into my own cart and stack them up? And they are always short-staffed and hiring. I had to cancel my membership after last year, it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore.

It’s crazy how these big corporations get sometimes, not keeping focus on the customer experience. I hope Costco doesn’t open up over here with that same energy.

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