The self-described "Most Insane Show On Earth" will pretty much fly into the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds this fall.

Monster trucks, lots of horsepower, some high-flying motorcycles, and more. That is pretty much what the Offical Monster Truckz Extreme Tour is all about and this adrenaline-inducing spectacle is set to come to the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds with four shows Friday, October 8th through Sunday, October 10th.

Yes, the fairgrounds will go from fried dough and farm animals on Labor Day weekend to flying trucks and motorcycles in October. The Monster Truckz website says the show includes trucks "...destroying cars, flying over mind-boggling jump pushing drivers and trucks to the brink of destruction..."  plus a motocross team doing 80-foot jumps and a man being fired from a cannon. Insane is definitely the right word to describe this show.

Just like NASCAR or any auto racing, a monster truck show is something you need to see in person to truly appreciate. Yes, the size of these trucks is impressive, but the stunts take it to a whole new level. Plus, you never forget one particular thing about that first monster truck show or NASCAR event you attend:  being there in person to experience raw, pure horsepower coming from those engines for the first time. It is a spectacle you hear and feel through your body, and it is pretty impressive in person.

There will be one show Friday night, two shows on Saturday, and one show on Sunday. Tickets for all four shows are available now at the Monster Truckz website.

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