Get ready to be able to get your car cleaned inside and out in more locations all over Upstate New York. It won't be easy, however, because costs of construction have gone up and business hasn't completely bounced back because of the pandemic. But when they are finished there will be more convenient locations for everyone.

According to Albany Business Review, Tom Hoffman Jr., owner of Hoffman Car Wash, is hoping to open eight new Hoffman Car Washes over the next two years. There are already twenty-two Hoffman Car Wash locations and expanding to thirty won't be an easy task. He claims that the cost of construction has gone up. Plus the pandemic has hindered business at both Jiffy Lube and car wash locations.

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The plan is to build eight new car washes in Upstate New York. They hope to put two up just outside Utica, two more near Rome, NY, one in Moreau, and three in the Capital Region including Gloversville, Queensbury, and Cohoes.

There is no word where the Hoffman Car Wash will be built in Cohoes, Gloversville, or Queensbury. But plans for the Moreau location are under contract and will be at 1387 Route 9. It is next to the old Autoworld Suzuki dealership off of Exit 17 of the Northway.

Construction costs aren't the only costs for Hoffman Car Wash. They also said that it is hard to find workers. They have already raised hourly wages by one dollar which costs the company an additional one point five million dollars last year.

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