Since she's arguably the hottest rapper of the moment, Iggy Azalea has been all over the place, so it's no surprise that she performed at the 2014 BET Awards.

She first jumped on stage with T.I. for his latest single 'No Mediocre,' which immediately bled into 'Fancy.' During the performance, the lovely lyricist sported a body-hugging all-black outfit, complete with sparkly silver kicks. She even showed a little bit of skin with a sexy, but tasteful crop top, as she moved confidently around the stage like a veteran performer.

Iggy's vocals sounded flawless too, as she ripped through her verses with professional ease, and maintained breath control. She also moved along with a stage full of backup dancers.

Overall, it was a very strong performance given by the 24-year-old rhymer, and as far as star presence goes, she held her own with her boss T.I., an impressive feat for a relative newcomer.