Rapper Quavo wanted for alleged beating of a jeweler 

It seems like every month members of the rap super group, Migos, find themselves in the mist of controversy. This time, Migos member Quavo is wanted by the NYPD for allegedly beating up an up and coming celebrity jeweler named Eric the Jeweler. Sources say that Eric confronted Offset, another member of the Migos, about a refusing to pay $10,000 for a chain he made for him.

H.O.M.E by Martell, Detroit
Scott Legato

In Offsets defense, Quavo and another man allegedly assaulted Eric as well as ribbed him for a chain he was wearing. According to TMZ, thE NYPD now has enough evidence to arrest Quavo for this crime. I hope this story is isn't true. The Migos are making way to much money for them to be ducking payments and beating up people if you as me. What do you guys think?

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