Happy Wednesday aka Hump Day all you little humpers!! The week is moving along nice and smooth it seems, at least for me thus far, and hope it is for you. You know I always like to take it back, and since hump rhymes with rump, we gotta shake our thang!!

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For some reason, "Shake Your Thang" by Salt n Pepa jumped into my brain this morning on my drive into work! Such a classic jam, energy driven, danceable, and well just a classic!!

Taking it wayyy back today kiddies, 1988 to be exact! Stonewashed jeans, big hollow gold earrings, biker shorts and half shirts, awwww yeah!! I miss those days!! Jeez, I was only, hmm, won't give up my age but a Middle Schooler then!!

This song was for everyone when it came out! Even those people who hated rap and had no idea what it was about yet, could be found bopping there head to this. My dad included "Turn that rap crap down will ya!!" Oh such memories, my mom would be blaring this in her Toyota Carolla as she drove my girl Christine and I to Oneida every morning! She always knew what was up on the music scene, my dad too trust me, he just wasn't as welcoming of that "rap crap!"

Ok, hopefully I am bringing you down memory lane also, or helping create new ones for you once you watch this video, which btw, has Kid n Play doing their dance moves in it also. Happy Hump Day all - this video and song will be sure to get you closer to the weekend!