There is a great opportunity out there waiting for you if you are interested in becoming a New York State Trooper. Starting last year, New York State started a big push to hire new recruits that will last through the end of April, and after one year, you can make a nice, comfortable living.

The process to become a New York is fairly seamless as well. When I was 21 I took the New York State troopers test and got the call to take the next step shortly after the test. Ultimately, I was at a crossroads in my career and did not make change careers, but I will tell you there is no way not to have the utmost respect for these guys and girls. It is certainly NOT an easy job or the safest, so hats off to our troopers and their families.

The hiring blitz will go through the end of April as the last test is scheduled on April 30, 2022.

You will need to do some studying, but the test is now all online, so you don't even need to go in person and bring a pencil with you anymore.

Here is how much money you still start making as a New York State Trooper:

  • Starting salary: $58,443
  • After one year: $82,677

Plus, New York State offers full benefits & retirement packages as well.

What are the steps to becoming a New York State Trooper? You can go to their hiring event this Saturday at their location in the Galleria Mall across from Dave & Busters!

According to WKBW, New York State State police spokesperson, Trooper James O'Callaghan says:

Then we’ll tally up the scores then depending on how well you scored on that, he says. "You’ll get a call from us relatively quick because we’re going to start the hiring process immediately."

Here are the steps after applying to become a trooper per the New York State website:

  1. Passing the Entrance Examination
  2. Physical Ability Test (PAT)
  3. Psychological Evaluation
  4. Background Investigation and Polygraph Test
  5. Medical Examination

Good luck!

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