Lil Wop has some things to get off his chest about his former boss Gucci Mane.

On Monday (Feb. 28), the former 1017 Eskimos artist jumped on his Twitter page to clear up some rumors about his departure from the label and had some not-so-kind words for the "So Icy" rhymer.

"I'm Not Signed To 1017," Lil Wop tweeted. "I Got Out My Contract With Them In 2018. And I Don't Fuck With Gucci Mane He's A Weirdo!"

Lil Wop further explained on Instagram why he left 1017.

"Just Had To Let This Be Known & I Didn't Get Dropped I left," he added in an IG post along with a face of tears of joy emoji and a loudly crying face emoji. "That Shit Was Super Wack!" he concluded.

Before signing with 1017 Eskimos in 2017, Lil Wop was a huge fan of Big Guwop and considered him his role model. So much so that the Chicago rapper tattooed his face with the same famous ice cream cone tattoo Gucci had done on his own face. Another interesting fact is Wop's birthday is on Oct. 17—the same number as Gucci's 1017 label. For Wop, signing with Gucci was a pivotal moment in his career.

"Grew Up listening to Gucci, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, DMX," Wop told XXL for The Break in 2017. "The first song that stood out to me from Gucci was 'Truth.' He really said he murdered a muthafucka on a song. I ain't never in my life heard nobody said shit. He didn't give a fuck. I like that. I like that about people who speak their mind."

Lil Wop, who's Famous Dex's cousin, shocked fans in early February when he came out as bisexual on his IG page. The 26-year-old artist shared a photo of himself wearing pigtails and a cropped shirt. In the caption he wrote, "I'm Bisexual I Like Guys & Girls..It's W.E" and added hearts, a relieved face and a face with tongue emojis.

Check out Lil Wop’s coming out posts on his Instagram account below.

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