While these amusement park rides have been popular around the world (particularly in England) for centuries, the United State came fairly late to the merry-go-round craze.  At one time there were more than a thousand wooden hand-carved, hand-painted carousels in the United States.  They came into their own in America in the late 1800s and early 20th-century.  They got more sophisticated as the years went by, more colorful, more imaginative, more tuneful, and yes, more fun.

Today, the number of historic carousels still entertaining people of all ages has dwindled considerably.  But, New York is blessed to have 46 working merry-go-rounds in the state.  From Long Island to Buffalo you can still take a ride on one of these nostalgic contraptions, often at little or even no cost.  Many are in parks, some are in museums or malls, and others are in their own individual buildings.  All are worth a visit.

This list of 13 includes carousels you can ride on featuring prancing horses, gilded chariots, futuristic fish, a menagerie of farm animals, and much more.  You can find these in big cities, such as Buffalo or Syracuse, or in smaller rural areas like Sylvan Beach or Cooperstown.

You will enjoy this list.  And keep your eye out for one particular carousel that is really historic.  It is one of only 20 left in the whole country that has a feeding brass ring arm.  These were very popular early on allowing carousel riders to reach up and try and "grab the brass ring."  Still fun and very rare!

13 of the Most Dazzling and Historic Carousels in New York State

Who doesn't like a ride on an old-fashion carousel or merry-go-round? All ages, from the youngest to the most senior love going round and around while sitting on top of a gaily painted hand-carved horse or other animal. They are nostalgic for the older folks, and an exciting new adventure for the little ones. New York State can be considered the "Birthplace of the Carousels" because of the Herschell Carrousel Museum and Factory in North Tonawanda, N.Y., where they made hundreds of them over a century.

We are so lucky to have 46 historic, working carousels in the Empire State. Here is a list of 13 of the best!

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