Disney’s mischievous cartoon trio Huey, Dewey and Louie get reimagined as hypebeast ducks by Bulgarian designer Simeon Georgiev. Made exclusively for fashion website High Snobiety, Georgiev designed the 3D models first and then outfitted them with some fashionable gear.

In the first set, the identical triplet brothers are wearing Supreme hoodies and matching caps with Nike Air Max 1 sneakers. For the second set, Georgiev adorned them with New York Fashion Week's most popular headgear -- an all-black MORT baseball cap -- along with matching hoodies and a pair of Givenchy sneakers. Kanye West would be proud.

The figurines are a hit and a miss with a few readers on the High Snobiety website. Some of the mixed reviews had us quacking up.

No word if these fashionable duck figures will go on sale.

If you love Simon Georgiev’s work, you can check out his other 3D models at his official website.

[Spotted at High Snobiety]

High Snobiety, Getty Images