This might be the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to really get your s**t together. There is a workshop in Albany that is willing to help you. Whatever it is you need to get together they can help you.


If you hate your job, your apartment, your friends, your body, the way people see you, what society enforces, and etc.

What are you going to do about it? Are you going to let it go or get your fucking life before life gets you?

Are you going to let shit go because "that is just how it is" or are you going to stand up for yourself, your being, your soul, spirit and will to live a life that is worth living?

Do you feel like your living your life to the fullest? I hope so.

This workshop will focus on the essentials of how we can get our sh*t together by organizing your time, energy & money, as well as deploying those resources wisely, group activities and have an open discussion with others for networking, advise, new ideas and to empower each other to GET OUR LIVES!!!

NWR will be providing a packet of information, coffee, snacks and a chance for like-minded individuals from our community to come together!

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